We guide you in your project

At AJAF we are specialized in the implementation of logistics solutions, whatever your requirements, we guide you in your project. We carry out tasks of:

  • Integration of your ERP with other solutions (EDI, App services, IA...)
  • Distribution management, including direct sales systems.
  • Control your business in real time with BI, whether embedded in your ERP or stand-alone.
  • Ideal for logistics, distribution, mass consumption and retail companies.


At AJAF Consulting we are a multidisciplinary team, experts in all aspects necessary for the implementation, modernization and maintenance of high-level digital products. We advise you when defining the development strategy for your company and selecting the best combination of technologies to implement, the most appropriate methodologies and processes or building the best team for your project from scratch. All the help you need in your business projects.

What can we offer you?


We carry out an analysis of each project to define the most appropriate technological strategy; proposing infrastructure architecture, selecting the most appropriate technologies and good data security practices.


A good consulting service can help you get the most out of your business. It is very important that companies know who to turn to in times of change. Contact our consulting service without any commitment.


Carrying out an IT audit of the company can be vital, since the analysis of the technological infrastructure will eliminate unnecessary expenses.

Strategic resource

We seek the best solution to your company's problems. We always propose the most advanced and innovative solutions that allow the adequate business progress of your business.

Don't hesitate, we will guide you in your project