Technical updates

Module and security updates

Updates and upgrades of any software are a headache for most companies. First of all, there is no need to do this, unless the versions are becoming completely obsolete. And secondly, there is no efficient methodology to carry out these projects.

In AJAF  We are permanently on the train of update projects. This has forced us to generate a repetitive process, with an optimized methodology, taking full advantage of the tools and practices that software developers make available to their clients.

Functional and strategic upgrades

Your business evolves, and your systems must evolve with it

Due to variations in the business environment and company processes, as well as updates and upgrades of a company's solution map, the need periodically arises to carry out system upgrade processes to adapt it to the new situation.

AJAF has extensive experience in the execution of these projects, which allows us to advise our clients in choosing the Upgrade strategy most appropriate to their situation and needs, as well as successfully addressing the subsequent execution of the Upgrade project.